Facility Security
Terminal Security

Gözen maintains & implements Airport security programme appropriate to the requirements of National Civil Aviation security programme and coordinates the implementation of security controls with related authorities. (act according to NCASP and other requirements in line with ECAC DOC 30, Annex 17, ICAO 8973 and EU regulations)

  • Perimeter Security,
  • Physical Access Control,
  • Execution of Search Operations,
  • Terminal Entry- Exit Checks,
  • Operation Control Center Operator (OCC)
    • Alarm systems control panels
    • Motion detectors for security systems
    • Intrusion alarm systems
    • Monitoring
    • Card access systems
    • CCTV
    • Communication Systems
    • Testing, repair, and preventive maintenance
    • Fire Alarm Systems,
  • Security Equipments Operators
    • Conventional X-Ray,
    • Explosive Trace Dedection (ETD),
    • Explosive Dedection System (EDS-CTX),
    • Hold Baggage Screening (HBS),
    • EDD Screening (K9)
  • Security at the restricted Areas,
  • Patrolling Services,
  • Supervision- Auditing,
  • Consulting,
  • Emercengy interference,