IT Security Solutions

Gözen is a leading provider of security systems to the aviation industry; we never stop looking for the next leap ahead in technology, infrastructure, integration, and customer service. It is our mission to collectively deliver better solutions with greater benefits for our clients. We bring you a unique combination of operational expertise and pioneering technological solutions in the areas of Aviation Security and Immigration, Training and Assessment, and Facility Security Management, our products are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation, of your staff, and of your business processes.

Specific software developments related with aviation security,

  • APIS Solutions; Range of APIS solutions that cater to any APIS data transmission requirements. APIS can be easily implemented as 'stand-alone' systems or otherwise, 'Integrated' into the airline's DCS / Reservation system.
  • PIDS Solutions; Gözen PIDS system verifies passengers' international travel documentation. System provides a quick and straight forward way to check passengers' documentation. It checks documentation against any travel rules applied by the authorities in transit and destination countries and quickly delivers a clear Go / No Go decision. APIS can be easily implemented as 'stand-alone' systems or otherwise, 'Integrated' into the airline's DCS / Reservation system.
  • WATCHLIST Solutions; Matching passengers against any given watch list. Our service is compliant with both the TSA's No-Fly/Selectee lists screening requirements, Transport Canada's Specified Persons List, and any airline-specific watch list or VIP list.
  • HR Solutions; A computer based assessment tool designed to measure candidate's ability to perform specific roles utilizing graphic, pictorial, numerical and textual features. The system allows identifying ideal candidates early on in the recruitment process and significantly reducing the recruitment of front line employees who prove to be unsuitable.

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