Cash In Transit Security

This service is performed within the Airports (where Gözen is licensed to operate) and in the Apron Area with the specially designed Armored Vehicles (strong bulletproof-coated armored vehicles, having satellite (GPS, GPRS) control communication and tracing systems) by the most competent personnel. Upon request, the ULD (Unit Load Device) or VCB (Valuable Cargo Box) belonging to air carrier can also be used. At least two security personnel shall be assigned for each shipment according to Airline/Insurance/National policy.

Cash In Transit operations can be performed in two ways;
1. Armored Vehicle transfers; VCB will be loaded into armored vehicles and Secure Cargo will be protected until delivery process will be completed accordingly. At least two security agents will be assigned.
2. ULD transfers; at least two security agents will be assigned for each shipment, apply necessary prescribed procedures. In this operations our armored vehicle will not be used. Cargo carts and/or ULD palettes will be escorted and observed during transfer process. This operation type is only being applicable for ULD transfers because of the cargo size limitations for the vehicles. Regular vehicles will escort the handling companies' tractors and observe the carts or ULD's during transfer.

Gözen is backed with comprehensive protection that covers loss anywhere we do business. Our all-risk insurance is the best in the industry, with no limitations except the ones standard in the industry. In the event of a claim, we have the systems and Service in place to investigate quickly.