About Us
Integrated Management Systems Policy

We, as Gozen Security Services Inc., aim to act in accordance with the legal requirements, national & international standards and ethical rules in compliance with the Integrated Management System that we have established in line with our Vision, Mission, Principles and Values and to create safe and healthy work environments, to act in a way to protect the environment, to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.

In line with this objective, Gozen Security Services Inc. commits to;

  • Go beyond customer expectations and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and create continuity in customer relations with our innovative services and risk-based thinking approach by continuously improving our performance,
  • Comply with the national and international legislation of Aviation, Security, Maritime, Tourism, Environment, Occupational Health Safety and Information Security Management and follow the standards,
  • Evaluate complaints disinterestedly, fairly, impartially and equally,
  • Protect the awareness of our employees about the requirements of Integrated Management Systems and ensure the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders in the continuous development of the system,
  • Eliminate hazards and control all the activities effectively that might have significant environmental dimension and/or risks for occupational health & safety and information security and minimize all related risks,
  • Reduce wastes at the source within life cycle approach and ensure their disposal in accordance with the regulations to prevent environmental pollution,
  • Encourage the use of natural resource saving measures in all our operations, to protect natural resources and to use them in the most efficient way in order to prevent climate change and global warming,
  • Communicate and share information when necessary to determine the needs and expectations related to Quality, Environment, OHS and Information Security Management with all the stakeholders we interact with, for sustainable success,
  • Minimize the occupational and work-related diseases and the loss of work power by conducting the necessary medical work up, examination and health surveillance at the workplace,
  • Protect the confidentiality of critical data such as all kinds of corporate information and information of our employees, which are used during the activities, to Gözen Security Services and / or our business stakeholders,
  • Give the appropriate authority accordingly to the ‘need-to-know principle’ and to prevent unauthorized access,
  • Create appropriate physical and electronic environments for the security of information assets and to provide necessary infrastructure,
  • Detect incidents on time which are conflict with information security and respond promptly,

And we also commit to monitor, measure and continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Information Management Systems.