Facility Security

Since 2005, Gözen endeavors to provide secure living and working areas for its customers.

We offer the most appropriate, economically feasible security services considering their organizational structure, work flow and Quality standards, in accordance with their demand.

Gözen attains the right personnel (which holds 5188 ID Cards and has received the required trainings necessary to secure that specific position), right equipment, right technology and actualizes audits at uninformed times, in order to check the conformity to the requested service standards, to identify threats to your facility and take corrective action immediately.

The security requirements are determined in the facilities as well as the working areas where the duties will be realized and a security staff is formed to respond the need completely with the organized Work Place Instructions in the direction of the risk analyses done by the expert staff. Following the Basic Security Training of the composed staff, expertising of this staff takes place among the priority targets with the appropriate trainings being in compliance with the activity topic of the facility for the same security staff to be on duty.