Aviation Security
Passenger Security

Combining High tech Softwares with expert and experienced people, we have first hand understanding of the specialised needs of the Aviation market, enabling us to create tailormade security solutions that work as well in practice as on paper.

  • Travel Document Control and Verification,
  • Interviewing,
  • Observer,
  • Check point security,
  • PAX ID prior boarding,
  • Screening and Boarding,
  • Excess control
  • Unruly Passengers and Carriers,
  • Specific software developments related with aviation security solutions
    • APIS Solutions; APIS can be easily implemented as 'stand-alone' systems or otherwise, 'Integrated' into the airline's DCS / Reservation system.
    • PIDS Solutions;Gözen PIDS system verifies passengers' international travel documentation.
    • WATCHLIST Solutions; Matching passengers against any given watch list.For more information….
  • Reporting of Quality performance per flight