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What do I do if my weapons/sports rifles is taken from me at the security check?

The civil aviation authorities of each country are responsible for regulations on dangerous objects, fire arms, weapons etc. on board aircraft. Within Turkey a standardised procedure exists: licensed fire arms weapons, sports rifle etc. are confiscated during security control and shall be declared to the police at the enterance of the each airport.

Normally police packs these in a special bag, allows to transport them by related airline s security personnel separately inlue with prescribed procedures difined in regulations announced by National Civil Aviation Security Commitee and above all outside of the cabin within cargo hold, returning them upon arrival.

Due to the increased volume of additional, heightened security measures, the safety and security authorities at each airports within Turkey are able to follow this procedure of returning such objects to passengers after their flights. Airlines have absolutely no influence on this procedure. We advise you, therefore, to declare such objects to the police at the enterance.